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Benefits of Electric Lawn Service

Why electric lawn service? Greenhouse gas emissions are a serious concern. What’s more, gas powered lawn and garden equipment contribute 242 million tons of pollutants, per year. This per the EPA. For example, self powered walk behind mowers. They emit many more times the greenhouse gas emissions than a sedan car. Additionally, standard commercial blowers. They emit many more times than the mowers!

Furthermore, gas powered machines are just plain unpleasant. The exhaust smells on a beautiful day. On the other hand, electric, battery powered equipment has no exhaust. Enjoy the fresh air! Of course, gas powered lawn equipment is loud too. Working from home on a meeting? A gas powered blower is going full throttle. Another example, have small children napping inside? While outside loud blowers and mowers are running. This can be frustrating. However, not the case with an electric lawn service.

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Importantly, quality is ensured. We’ve demo’d many vendors. We found the electric lawn equipment for the perfect fit. This electric equipment has been tested by us first, before being put to work. From lawn mowing to leaf clean-ups we deliver the same, if not better results, than the standard gas powered machines. What’s more, the electric is user friendly for our team. For example, without the exhaust smell and loud noise, it makes our work more enjoyable. Not to mention, the lighter weight. This all adds to the quality of our lawn service.

In conclusion, our pro, battery powered equipment will deliver on our mission. To give you excellence in service and landscape you can take pride in!

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