Mulch Types

Mulch shields your soil from elements like the sun and wind. It protects your soil from loosing moisture and drying out. As a result, regulates soil temperature. Mulched soils are cooler. Less temperature fluctuations and retained moisture allows plants to grow healthy and evenly. In addition, it slows the force of rain and drainage water to prevent erosion. Furthermore, it blocks light to the soil. As a result, preventing weed germination. So, it’s natural a way to prevent weeds. Not to mention, the benefit of great curb appeal. Improve the appearance of your flowerbeds. Give your home added value while having the best landscape on the block! Let us be your mulch service provider. You’ll get flower bed preparation, delivery, and spread throughout. See varieties below..

Organic Hardwood Mulch


Organic brown Texas native hardwood mulch. Enriching soil has it breaks down. Made from ground down native trees in our area. Hardwood comes in natural, black, red, or brown.

Pecan Shell Mulch

Pecan Shell

Pecan shells are great for flowerbed appearance. They have a rich, reddish color. Additionally, pecan shell mulch is a great soil conditioner. Tilled into the soil will release their beneficial properties. Pecan shells also keeps the soil loose to make planting easier.

Aromatic Cedar Mulch Hope Landscaping

Aromatic Cedar

A great natural insect repellant. Cedar discourages ants, termites and roaches. Cedar also takes longer to decompose. So you won’t need to replace it as often. Furthermore, cedar mulch also feeds nutrients tot your soil. Finally, enjoy the nice fragrance!

Pinebark Mulch

Pine bark has a uniform texture, and helps prevent erosion. Not to forget, retains moisture and suppresses weeds. Slightly acidic, so a great choice for Azaleas, Camellias, or other plants that require acidic ph soils.

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