Policy and Process create consistency. Consistency leads to service excellence. Your service experience would look as follows…


First, we’ll look at your lawn and landscape. Next, we’ll give you a quote within 24 business hours. Further, we’ll go over all packages and offers that apply to your proposal.


The client has authority to engage Hope Lawns LLC for the Maintenance Services for the property listed on the proposal.


Lawn Service

We service weekly during the growing season months of April through September. During these months, bi-weekly service requests would require more time to complete. Therefore bi-weekly service requests during these months incur a 50% increase to the weekly service price. This will cover the costs of additional time and resources to complete the service, while meeting expectations.

Leaf Service

For months outside April through September, the edging and string trimming may be substituted with blowing if your property has mature trees or leaves blown in from the surrounding area. During the major leaf drop times we’ll quote the clean up accordingly. 

Lawn Mowing Height

Mowing height is set at 2.5″. This is the general, recommended mowing height for our Texas lawn grasses such as Zoysia, St. Augustine and Bermuda grass. We don’t accommodate requests for mowing height changes for a few reasons:

Recommended mowing height for the variety of lawn grass. 

Irrigation covers and other utility covers that may be present in the lawn, cutting the lawn too short could possibly damage these and other things.

While we do make notes on our route work orders for our team serving the lawns, changing the height settings throughout the day can create inconsistency. Leaving the possibility of an oversight, such as a scalped lawn or leaving the lawn looking untouched. Keeping the height the same, we eliminate inconsistency, and ensure quality.

If there is a change in the lawns appearance, and it’s leading you to believe its related to the mowing height, consider it could be other reasons, i.e. drought stress from an extremely dry season, insects, pet urine/waste, recent construction causing stress to the lawn, improper irrigation (sprinkler) coverage, etc.. We can help identify these problems and offer solutions. 

Lawn Care Treatments


-Weed Control

-Insect Control

Granule treatments should be watered thereafter.
Spraying weeds, please allow 2 weeks after treatment for the product to have visual effect as it is systemic.

Text and/or email notifications will be sent before each treatment.
*Please keep children and pets off treated area for at least 24hrs*


Pay Per Service Plan

Our plan consists of an agreed upon schedule of services with payments processed upon completion of each service. We text and/or email a service reminder the day before each service date. After completion of the service/s we process payment and send the receipt via email. We simply ask for ACH or a Card on File. No contracts, just an agreed upon schedule.

Rescheduled Services

Scheduled services are viewable in your customer portal. Please let us know 48 hours in advance of any reschedule requests.
Hope Lawns LLC will make every attempt to accommodate any customer requests to reschedule services made 48 hours prior to the service date. 


Pets: Please ensure your outdoor pets are inside on your scheduled maintenance day. We don’t want to accidentally let your pet out of the gate, or harm your pet accidentally. We know they’re part of the family.

Gates: If you keep your gate locked, an option could be using a combination lock and provide us the code so that we can access the backyard. 

Feedback is how we grow! If you notice something was missed or not to your expectations, let us know within 24 hours after the service visit. We’ll send someone out to make it right.

Texas summers are HOT, HOT, HOT! Help our crew work efficiently by keeping all debris (toys, trash, clothes, etc.) clear of the lawn area. 

We want to make your lawn beautiful, we really do! Please keep all gates unlocked and pets put away on service days to make sure we’re able to keep your lawn looking great, front and back!


Referral Program

Let a friend know how great our service is. If they sign up, you get a free lawn service! How cool is that?!


Your lawn looks amazing and we’re proud! We would love to use photos (not including any personal information such as address or names) to show others what they’re missing out on!

**Either Party may terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time**

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