Installation and Removal

Christmas Light Installation Hope Landscaping Argyle Flower Mound Justin Roanoke

Enjoy the holiday season and let us install your Christmas lights. Our installation and removal is turnkey. We sell and install high quality, commercial grade lights that are sealed, and have large gauge wire that will last. Let us take care of the time consuming task of installing Christmas lights!

Christmas Light Installation Highland Village Hope Landscaping Argyle Flower Mound Justin Roanoke

Installation and Removal

First, where would you like your lights installed? We can install Christmas lights in the following areas..

  • Roofline Perimeter
  • Entryway/s
  • Windows
  • Garage Entrance
  • Lawn Perimeter
  • Flower Bed EdgingWalkways
  • Driveways
  • Wrap Trees
  • Entry Gates

Wherever the lights are installed, they’ll be custom fit for a neat, clean, holiday appearance.


Next, we’ll determine what size bulb and color/s you’ll want. There are basically two size bulbs we like to use. One, is the C9 bulb. The C9 bulb is large and bright so they look great on the home and other structures, including the lawn and landscape. The second size lights we like to use are 5mm. 5mm lights are small, but bright and used for wrapping objects and/or trees. See the two type and size bulbs below..

Moving on to colors, we can install any color pattern. We use LED bulbs that are energy efficient and last longer. The bulbs are not glass so they don’t break easily. Here are some common colors to choose from..


We also offer great Christmas décor that will give you that authentic, holiday appearance your looking for. Wreaths, garland and bows add a nice touch. Wreaths and garland come pre-lit or un-lit. Pre-lit lights come in all the colors above. Garland looks around column, swaged on walls or fence. Place wreaths on walls, gates or doors.

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Let us be your holiday light installers this year! We service Argyle, Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville.