Lawn and Landscape Services

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Lawn Service

First, lawn service begins with a mowed turf. With sharp blades your sure the get a crisp cut. Cutting a 1/3 of the grass blades will ensure a healthy turf. Second, a straight edge. We’ll edge your lawn to keep a sharp, defined perimeter. Third, blowing debris clean. We blow all paved areas, beds and grass, giving your property the professional, clean appearance you expect. 

Clean cuts, crisp edges, and blown neatly, clean. As a result, best curb appeal on the block. Lawn Maintenance at its best!

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Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Certainly, lawn maintenance should include regular hedge and shrub trimming. Timely trimming Keep them healthy while giving great curb appeal. However, waiting too long to trim you hedges and shrubs can actually harm them, not to mention create an unwelcome appearance. With a routine maintenance scheduled, tailored to your landscape, we’ll keep those hedges clean cut, healthy and in shape! To be sure, neatly shaped hedges and shrubs keep your landscape looking its best!

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Leaf Service

When it’s that time of year again we’re here for your landscape cleaning needs. When the fall season arrives, we’ll transition lawn maintenance to leaf maintenance. It’ll consist of blowing leaves and bagging them with the mowers to leave a clean and healthy lawn.

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Flowerbed Service

This service consists of cleaning flowerbeds of weeds to maintain a manicured appearance! Weeds are removed a few different ways. To start, prevention is key. Prevent weeds by spreading mulch and adding a pre emergent. Mulch keeps bare soil from being exposed, in turn discourages weeds. Likewise, the pre emergent is a chemical that will prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing into the un-wanted weed. The pre emergent is not harmful to your shrubs, flowers or trees, when applied at the recommended rates. In turn, your flowerbeds will always be clean. Next, removal is done by pulling, or spraying where applicable. What’s lawn maintenance without clean flowerbeds!